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by Julie (aeris_x)
at May 20th, 2007 (01:41 pm)

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crayons taste like purple. [userpic]
Wrestlemania Preview
by crayons taste like purple. (__dayoldhate)
at April 1st, 2007 (01:55 pm)

Lumberjill Match for the Women's Championship - Ashley vs. Melina
In a match fueled by jealousy, two of the Sexiest Women on TV will battle it out at WrestleMania 23 when Playboy cover girl Ashley challenges Melina for the WWE Women's Championship. But this won't be just any old match; no, this will be a Lumberjill Match, with a dozen delicious Divas lurking at ringside.

Reigning champ Melina has been noticably bitter in recent weeks, upset over the fact that Ashley was chosen to represent the WWE Divas on the cover of Playboy magazine. You can also be sure that every bit as jealous Melina is of Ashley for appearing in Playboy, the cover girl is just as jealous of the gold that Melina wears around her waist.

On a recent episode of SmackDown, the rivalry was taken to the next level when a catfight broke out between the feisty Divas on the inaugural edition of Miz TV.

Just days before WrestleMania, it was announced that the Women's Championship Match would be contested as a Lumberjill Match; the match will have Lumberjack Match rules, but instead of burly Superstars, the WWE Divas will be surrounding the ring to keep the combatants in the squared circle.

Who will walk out of Detroit with the gold?

crayons taste like purple. [userpic]
02/21/07 Daily Diva
by crayons taste like purple. (__dayoldhate)
at February 21st, 2007 (08:40 am)

Ciao, BellaCollapse )

crayons taste like purple. [userpic]
by crayons taste like purple. (__dayoldhate)
at October 30th, 2006 (03:51 pm)

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